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As much as I love supporting small businesses, babies are expensive and there are also some items you just can’t get at the smaller shops. Of all the chain stores, Target has been my favorite place to buy things for Henry. It was the first place I went to, to start buying things for him while I was pregnant. They have the sweetest things, at good prices, and when I saw them selling several things with elephants or clouds on them I was so happy and excited, as that was my nursery and baby shower themes. I have bought plenty of clothes there (especially since they had elephants embroidered on them), his cloud play mat ( as seen in these pics), lots of blankets, bunny rugs and muslin wraps (as they sell large ones, and he is a long baby!), socks, his bouncer, the baby bath, sheets and baby coat hangers ( which I found surprising hard to find anywhere else).

So of course, already being a big fan of Target‘s baby range, when they offered for me to work with them on a post, I got rather excited.


I am part of several forums with other mums, and I have heard many mum’s rave about baby swings, and how good they are at calming a baby and good for naps too. Since Henry always falls off to sleep in the car or pram, I thought the Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Spacesaver Swing & Seat , from Target might be just the thing for him. Not to mention, it has an elephant on it!

Well Henry loves it! He enjoyed watching the elephant and being swung. With its calming vibrations and swinging action, it quickly calmed and relaxed him. He has now used it a few times for daytime naps, which is wonderful for days when he wants to be rocked as I can strap him in and do other things, rather than being stuck rocking him. So for any mums who have trouble with nap time, I recommend giving a swing a go.

Target is soon to have a BABY SALE! The ‘Target’s ‘Everything for Baby’ sale‘ So it will be a great time to stock up and get shopping, and the swing featured here will be 50% off!  The sale starts the 30th Jan.



And now for the fun part.. to help you buy even more during the baby sale, Target are offering one lucky reader a $50 gift voucher. Only open to Australian residents.

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Rebecca Parsons

I would like to put it towards a high chair.

Gotta love Target for everything!

Ashley C

I’m throwing a baby shower for my SIL and there are so many cute party items at Target! I’d use it for shopping for her party :)


The clothes! Everything is so cute in miniature. Sometimes I wish it came in my size too. Is that weird? Oh well :) Thanks Target!

Angela Hogan

new linen for my friend

S Armstrong

My little ones feet no longer fit into his PJ’s. New onesies in size 0 would be on the top of my list

Baby utensils for solids!


Some Dr. Brown’s glass baby bottles!

Jocelyn R

I’ve got a big birthday coming up, so I’ll probably buy something to wear to that…..u…h…its the big 3…0….

I will buy some leggings for my toddler whose legs have grown a lot over summer!

Julia Mason

I might buy an amazing new Doona cover, coming up to winter soon, it will come quick, I need a thick blanket to keep me warm, while looking stylish as well!

I am so excited about this sale, while I shouldn’t complain too much as she’s sleeping 9hours straight at night I am having so much trouble with day time naps for my little 11week old girl Harlie but she will fall asleep in the car/pram, I’m definitely giving the swing a go. Thanks soooo much!

Still need to get a cot mattress and then I’ll probably just go crazy buying stuff with only 3 weeks left to wait!

Just adorable! Love that it’s automated! Hopefully it’s on sale soon x

Ilsa Jansen

I’m pregnant with our first at the moment so would love a little gift card to help us buy everything we need! Thanks for the opportunity x

Sara W

We are about to welcome another little addition to our house of boys. I finally get to add flowers and cutesy things to our many trucks and monsters. :) I would spend it on actually acquiring some girls clothes.


Diapers for sure!


clothes for bub and possible some feeding things for when she is ready for solids

Hi tabitha. Great post. I kinda wish we had bought a swing when millie was smaller. Would have saved alot of rocking. I live targets baby clothes, good quality at a reasonable price. Happy friday x

Josie Athorn

New clothes as he has just gone up a size



A 4 Cube Storage Unit and some gorgeous baby clothing for my niece :)

More clothes my big boy just keeps growing out of them. Hes only 4 months and already some of his 00’s are tight on him

Just in time, I was just thinking of checking out high chairs. We have the swing seat and it’s awesome!


I need to get some winter clothes for my fast growing 4 moth old girl, and I did notice they were starting to have some in. Can’t wait! I love buying little clothing!!


I also love target and go there alot. They have so many beautiful clothes for bub and I always look out for new things : )

Chloe Barber

some bigger muslin wraps ! my little miss who is 8 weeks old is starting to outgrow hers and she loves to be wrapped


This is great to know – I desperately need to buy my little man (not so little anymore haha) the next size up in onesies and pj’s!

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