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One of my 30 before 30 goals is ‘ Keep plants alive’. When I was little, anything i would plant would end up dying. So I am determined to keep plants alive now. In September I bought a little succulent, as I thought it’d be an easy one to get me started! He started living on my desk near the window. It didn’t grow much at first but seemed happy. Then one day, I left him on the window sill to get some sun, and then next day I went to put the curtain down, but accidentally slammed the blinds on my plant and it cut him in half!!! I thought ‘oh no!! I can’t even keep a succulent alive, I’m hopeless!!’  So I took him outside gave him water and a nice sunny spot in the courtyard, I pulled off any dead leaves and slowly nutured it back to health, to the point it is growing at super speed!! With all the rain we have had and a regular trimming, this little baby is blooming. It has grown a bit mutilated since it’s accident but is quickly growing bigger and bigger. Perhaps I have finally succeeded!

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I tend to kill plants as well.

♥ sécia

I’m doing a similar challenge myself with a cactus. For some reason I use to be able to kill one of the hardest plants that have ever been created! So now i’m being trusted with a little one in the vain hope I can make this one last!

i killed my succulent :( so sad think I over watered it? or under watered… I think those little mini buds growing off your main plant can be replanted as seperate plants? my mums a florist and has more of a green finger than me. but u should look into it cos they may die if not re planted by themselves. xo

    tabitha emma

    Its actually all the one plant, not mini buds. It went rather mutilated after getting chopped by my curtain, and is now growing all these extra branches. Do cuttings work with succulents??? I don’t want to chop off its branches if it will upset it.

I’ve been really interested in buying a succulent, maybe even putting together a little terrarium, but I have the same bad luck that you do with plants! :( Anyway, I’m so glad to see you were able to nurse yours back to health – it looks beautiful!

I love the soft colour and texture to this little succulent, and they always look so humble.

IT’s ALIVE! LOL this plant is so very adorable. is it easy to “raise”? i want one for the dorm room!

tabitha emma

Thanks, succulents seem to be a fairly easy plant to care for

Keeping a plant alive in my home in an impossible mission too. I think I shall try some succulents then…crossing my fingers for success!

I am currently trying to grow plants too, this succulent is really beautiful, might add that to my little garden. Great photos! :)

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