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I love illustrated maps, they are so quirky and full of personality. Click images for source.

I might have to create a pretty illustrated map for my wedding invites :)

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Illustrated maps are really different from what usually can be found in the industry. Original and cool style, I know what I’m saying as I’m map illustrator too. :)
Thanks, Emma. :)

Hi Tabitha, Thanks for including me amongst so manybrilliant map designers! Have just discovered your site and will definitely be back :)

Oh these are just perfect! I really love the London one. Sounds like a wonderful idea for a wedding.

I am a fan of illustrated maps too, and I think you should definitely draw some for your wedding invites!

Thank you Emma, no ill will intended!! The credit wasn’t obvious to me and I was concerned by your “all content is sole property of Tabitha Emma Patterson” at the bottom of the page- take care, Anne

What a gorgeous idea! and what a lovely idea for your wedding invites ;)

What a super little idea! I especially love the style of the first map!

your work is amazing

many thanks for posting my maps. Please add a credit for my work and that of the other artists whose work is represented here. Please note that my content is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without my permission. all the best + good luck!

These are all so great! How cute and quirky!

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