diy light cover foundation


I don’t know how ‘normal’ my beauty routine is, but over the years I have worked out a routine that works best for my face. Basically after washing my face, I will apply a primer (although not every day, usually only days I am going out and want my makeup looking just right), then I apply a light cover liquid foundation, to get a overall even tone, followed by a second medium cover liquid, often in a slightly darker shade and concentrate it more around my cheeks or any areas that need extra cover and colour. After that I use a very thick foundation as a concealer for covering up imperfections. ( I find working up from lighter to thicker cover works best). And finally finish off with powder and bronzer. So all up just for skin, that’s primer, 3 foundations, powder and bronzer.
I have been looking into making my own makeup lately as for one it would save a lot of money, and two it’s more natural, and who knows my skin may even improve from natural products. So far I haven’t been able to find how to make thicker foundations ( I tried one promising recipe from a lady with a chemistry background- but it was too claggy and not very smooth), but at least have been able to create this light cover.

If you want to give it a try, here is how to make your own! Be sure to only use lightly (apply with a sponge) and finish with a powder, for a matte finish. It also includes sun protection (approx 20 SPF) from the zinc oxide and moisturises the face, a bit of a 3-in-1.

(for light skin)

You will need:
42g almond oil
28g shea butter
14g cocoa butter
14g beeswax
1/8 tbs vitamin E oil
14g zinc oxide
1/2 tbs cocoa ( for medium tone use 1 tbs and for a darker tone use 1 1/2 tbs)
1/8 tsp cinnamon

To make:
-Place a heat proof bowl onto kitchen scales
-Add the oil, butters and beeswax one at a time, tare the weight after
each to measure them out
-Place the bowl on a pot of boiling water (i.e double boiler) until
everything has melted, stirring occasionally.
– Once melted remove bowl from the heat, allow to cool a little
-Then add the Vitamin E, zinc oxide, cocoa and cinnamon. Stir well,
to combine and mix colour through.
-Pour into a container (metal, glass or plastic)
-Allow to set and thicken.
-Then it is ready to use!


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Homemade tomato sauce


I like to occasionally add some tomato sauce to my dinner, however it seems most brands add sugar. One of those sneaky things you would not have expected to be full of sugar! I did discover one brand which does not add sugar, but as it is a ‘health’ food product, they charge a lot. So using the tomatoes I bought at the farmers market, I decided to make a batch of my own tomato sauce. You can cheat and use tinned tomatoes, but I like the idea of being able to make this right from scratch.



You will need:
3 tomatoes
olive oil
2 tbs cornflour
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp nutmeg

To make:
-Chop up the tomatos and fry in a little olive oil, until soft and mushy
-Mash and blend the tomatoes till you reach desired consistency.
(Depending if you mind a few lumps or like it smooth)
-Add the vinegar, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg, mix altogether
-Then slowly add the cornflour, making sure to get any lumps out, so it is
well mixed, this helps to thicken the sauce.

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DIY foundation powder


I love the fact making your own foundation powder is so easy, and made from this already in your pantry. Considering most foundation powders are between $15- 40 or more, this is just dirt cheap in comparison. There are lots of recipes for this on the interent, but I found most where too cocoa based, resulting in a reddy brown tint (with the option to go lighter or darker). But personally I find at least my skin tone is a little more tan/yellow than red/brown. So after some experimentation, I worked out the perfect mix. I also found using cacao was better than cocoa, as it has a slightly different tint to it, that seems a bit closer to skin tone than cocoa. This recipe is for a very light foundation, so for darker skin, add more cacao or less arrowroot. And feel free to play with the other ingredients if you need to alter the tint to suit your skin better.


I started by mixing the ‘pigment’ first to get that right than added the arrowroot to lighten to my desired lightness, by doing this you can perfect your pigment before lightening it.


I used:
1/2 tbs cacao
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp maca (I found this helped add a little more yellow to the tint )
2 1/2 tbs arrowroot powder

To make:
-Mix everything but the arrowroot powder
-Add more of any ingredients you feel you need to get the pigment
right for your skin.
-Then add the arrowroot to lighten it. My quantity is for a very light
tone, so start with less if you have darker skin.


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Sun printing


A few months ago, I bought a little sun printing kit. I came across sun printing on an online shop, and loved the idea. Creating simple little print using nature- plants and the sun. I would LOVE to try sun printing on fabric, to make gorgeous homewares with natural prints. But as the dye is expensive, I decided to take my first dabble in sun printing with a cheap little paper print kit.

All you do is put your plants (or any other objects) on the paper (put perspex on top, if they are light to stop them blowing away) , leave it in the sun till the paper turns white, then rinse under water and let it dry. Simple yet beautiful! Looking forward to experimenting with this technique more.


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end of summer foot scrub


With summer now over, and having done so much walking, my poor feet are looking dry and worse for wear. I remember last winter getting a pedicure, and how the lady also gave my feet a good scrub and moisturizing, leaving them feeling so soft and smooth. So I thought why not try it myself! And give those hard working feet a little pampering.


Since cutting back on eating refined sugar, we have had the old packets of sugar sitting in our pantry barely touched for months. They really only get used for visitors wanting sugar in their tea or coffee. But now I have found a great use for that sugar lying around- use it for making scrubs!
This scrub smells like cookies! So yummy! I recommend giving your feet a good scrub with this, then following it up with some Vaseline or thick moisturising cream, and your feet will feel silky soft!



You will need:
2/3 cup caster sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup of oil (I used half and half avocado oil and macadamia oil,
but you could use olive oil or almond oil)
1tsp vanilla essence

To make:
-Mix sugars together
-Add oil and essence, and mix well to make sure it gets through all the sugar
-Put in a nice jar to keep or use it right away!

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