make your own natural baby powder


I have been wanting to have a go at making my own baby powder for a while, but didn’t have the right container to put it in. I finally got my hands on a little shaker that is easy to fill, so I thought I would share my new baby powder concoction.




You will need:
1/4 cup arrowroot flour
1/2 TBS Bentonite clay
1 TBS chamomile flowers
1 shaker (depender of shaker size, you may need to increase quantities)

To make:
Simple put all ingredients in a bowl and mix together, then scoop
into your shaker.
Now it is ready to use on that adorable baby bum!


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etsy finds: ceramic

I have recently found myself eying off a lot of beautiful handmade ceramics. Much like my love for natural fabrics and wood, ceramics are another lovely natural material that when molded by a hand crafter looks so divine, in a natural, organic, full of personality kind of way. It speaks of simplicity and character. These handmade creations just seem to bring the beauty back to the simple and everyday, like a nice warm drink, or a simple bowl of porridge.

Links to shops here-
Marley and Lockyer
| Sam Nichols | Dear Old Souls | Julia Paul | Free Folding | Susan Simonini | Yulia Tsukerman | Studio Hendry

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recent shop additions



Some wonderful new things in the Nourish and Nurture shop!
Including lovely new detox bath salts, full of wonderful benefits to relax and detox.
With lovely ingredients like Epsom salts, Dead Sea salts, Himalayan bath salt, and dried herbs.



Also added this week is this sweet smelling Rose, lip sugar scrub. If like me you get dry lips in winter, this is a lovely natural way to get rid of the dry flaky lips, and leave you with smooth lips.



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Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Mothers day to all the mummies out there. Hope you had a lovely day, lots of cuddles, and a few treats. This is a photo of my mum and I, back when I was 2 years old.
And below Henry and I. Henry turned 19 months today! Can’t believe I have been a mother for 19 months already, the time is just flying, learning so much and can’t imagine life without my little man.


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Herbert Peabody book 2 and Herbie comes to life!


The second installment of the wonderful Children’s book Herbert Peabody, which I illustrated is here!
Herbie’s second adventure, “Herbert Peabody and the incredible beehive,’ sees Herbie meet a new neighbour, Bee. And when Herbie discovers that Bee is having trouble finding enough pollen to supply her family’s hive, Herbie decides to lend a hand to find more flowers. Before long, he finds that he has embarked on solving one of Huffelton’s biggest mysteries – the disappearance of the Huffelton House gardens. There’s some new friends to meet, and over the next few posts, I’ll introduce the characters and share the inspiration for book two in the Herbert Peabody series.

You can get a copy of the book, straight from the Herbert Peabody website!


And as part of the exciting launch of book 2, I have created a handmade Herbie toy, from scrap fabrics. He will be going on tour, with Bianca for book readings and farmers markets.

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