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I came across this beautifully executed, and lovingly produced video magazine called ‘ PALATE’. It is mostly about food and slow living. With wonderful calming recipes, lovely interviews with amazing makers and reflections of everyday beauty.

It is tempting to post every single video on here, as they are all so beautiful, but you can see the rest on their site here.

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panty clean up- less packaging


The pantry seems a never ending story! I am always trying to get it better organised, so it is easy to find things, looks tidy and is easy to maintain. I hate how packaging is all different shapes and sizes, making it very hard to make the panty neat. So I have slowly been starting to put things in jars. However since jars take time to collect (too expensive to go out and buy the amount I would need for the whole panty),I have also started to put some things in plastic take-away containers, as these are cheap and uniform in size, so they are the temporary solution as I slowly collect more jars.


The long term goal would be to have a package free pantry, and to buy what I can in bulk, so I just refill my jars, and minimise waste.
How do you organise your pantry? Do you have a dream pantry?

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simplifying life


Before my husband I and I got married we started with very little. He had a tiny studio apartment, and bought all his furniture on ebay or from second hand shops, he had a bunk bed, a wardrobe chest, a small couch (which he later gave back to the second hand shop) and a bar fridge, a table and chairs and a toaster. He was living simply and minimalist. I on the other hand was still living at home, and only owned a single bed, a bookshelf and a chest of draws. I had a few trinkets, sewing stuff, books and my computers. I was borrowing my mum’s desk and had only a box of household goods that had been given to me over the years as a ‘glory box’. So we both began our married life with only a few things. When we got married we quickly got a big bed, washing machine, couch and fridge. Our house was pretty basic and simple to start with, and our kitchen was mostly made up of wedding gifts. We didn’t even have a tv. Dan started growing vegetables out on our back patio, we lived a simple life to start with.



Slowly we began to accumulate things, but it really started to accelerate when I fell pregnant our simple life slowly became a little more complex. It started with the decision to buy a house, a proper family home with another bedroom, extra living room and more kitchen/dining space, as well as a large backyard. We started buying baby things (I admit I enjoyed baby shopping a tad to much), another couch, a tv, a bigger fridge, a microwave, installed a fire place, extra desk, 2 more bookshelvs etc.. all things to fill our home and in our eye ‘do the right thing’ and provide our son with the things he needed, and to make our new lifestyle with a child easier. We then renovated the backyard to make it safer, and a better place to play and enjoy and extra storage, by putting in a large shed.


With Dan working 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week, and I spending most of my day cleaning, cooking and watering the plants. We have begun to realise we were serving our possessions, rather then them serving us. And this is the core of the minimalist movement. And why we want to work towards simplicity. Not that we are suddenly going to throw everything out, but rather start questioning things more, decide if the things we have are serving us, or just taking up space, cluttering our lives. Its about getting rid of the clutter, because the physical clutter, becomes mental clutter. We want to enjoy life, and one another as a family, not just serve the things we own, and continue to try and accumulate more. It’s a process, not a sudden change. Just a shift in thinking, although nothing new, just reverting back, before we got caught up. Slowing down.. taking time to take life in, and take pleasure in simple things.  Strangely it is something I had already began to do before become aware of it. As I can no longer work much, I was already trying to find ways to reduce our cost of living and beat the big grocery stores, trying to make more things myself and spend more carefully, I had even started de-cluttering… its just time to take it up a notch.

It’s time to embrace the simple life, the slow life.


The aim is to lower our cost of living, spend more time together, get more creative and make more rather than buying, become more conscious about how we live, become thriftier, let go of this we hang onto but never use, embrace ‘less is more’.


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

Some great posts/blogs to read on the topic of living simply-

Slow your Home | Practicing Simplicity | Her Library Adventures | Petalplum | Elements of Alchemy | The minimalist Mom | Think Big live Simply | Kinfolk | Living With Less-Doco

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morning rhythms- homemade drinks

As I started to improve my diet, one of the big areas of change, was breakfast time. It’s the meal that you think is ‘healthy’ but has lots of hidden sugar. I used to have cereal and a glass of juice for breakfast. I first swapped my cereal for either homemade granola or eggs with fruit. But I found it hard to give up my morning glass of juice. Starting the day without juice just didn’t feel right to me, and I am not a coffee drinker.
So after a while I have come up with these three homemade healthy alternative drinks, that are simple, light, easy and quick to make.


My first creation was homemade ice tea. It’s like having a less sweet juice, so the idea appealed to me, as I do like a fruity drink. To make this, I choose a tea (usually a fruit tea), brew the tea like normal (either make a few cups or a teapot full), allow it to cool, then pour it in a glass container, and store it in the fridge, this usually makes me enough for a few days. If I feel it needs a little more sweetness, I add a little coconut sugar.


Infused water, is now another standby in our fridge. This is lovely and refreshing in summer. At the moment we have slices of lemon, cucumber and orange in a big glass of water. You can great creative with this, try berries, mint leaves, limes, or other citrus fruits. Leave it overnight and by morning you have a yummy refreshing tasty water.


And who could forget good old fashioned tea. Great for colder mornings, I personally love using loose leaf teas and a bamboo strainer (I got mine from T2), I find it brews a lot faster this way, so you get a nice strong tasty tea fast, no waiting around. There are so many amazing tea flavours out there, no need to stick to the old regulars! I bought a nice collection of flavours from tealux.

What do you like to drink in the mornings?

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tree change dolls

I recently came across Tree Change dolls on facebook, and found the whole concept and the beautiful make-overs quite inspiring.

These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania. According to the creator, Sonia Singh, artist, illustrator and scientist from Hobart, Tasmania, these little fashion dolls have opted for a “tree change”, swapping high-maintenance glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style. She hand repaints the dolls faces, molds new shoes, and her mother sews and knits their clothing.


The transformation is quite dramatic, and very beautiful. It open’s the consumers eye to just how tacky and inappropriate for young girls, the original dolls are. The transformations, of ‘making under the dolls’ makes them more real, natural and easier for little girls to identify with, they are more familiar faces.


Sonia never imagined they would become so popular and ‘go viral’, she hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand for the dolls! She now produces a batch each month, and they sell out fast in her etsy store. She also gives tips on her facebook page
, of how to transform dolls yourself. Followers share their own doll transformations, creating a bit of a doll transformation movement..a ‘tree change’.


Find out more about Tree Change Dolls, on their tumblr, facebook and etsy store.


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