Before getting pregnant, I knew nothing about the world of prams, I didn’t know what brands there were, or what sort of options were available. When we started pram shopping, it all seemed a little overwhelming, there was so much choice! Luckily the pram was one area of baby shopping my husband was really interested in (I guess a pram is is similar to a car, just one of those things boys are particular about). So one day while I was back home going for a pre-natal check up, my husband was off in Sydney pram shopping and sending me back pictures to see what I thought. He seemed amazed that so many prams cost so much money, yet seemed really plastic and not very robust or long lasting. We wanted a pram that would be able to last more than one child, so we wouldn’t have to keep buying new prams down the track. Our perfect pram was eventually discovered on a poster in the store window, and we fell in love with it right away. Anyway, I am much more educated in the world of prams now. It is important to consider your lifestyle and personal needs when choosing a pram, so do plenty of research, but these are my top picks of the best prams out there.





Emmaljunga- Mondial (approx $AU 2000)

This is the pram we bought as our primary pram. We feel in love with it for its look (we love vintage style things) and its strong robust design, big air tyres and suspension. This pram is awesome, and I love it. It is big, cozy and safe. As I do a lot of long walks, I have found this pram perfect, as it is like the 4WD of prams, with its big wheels, suspension and durability, it can easily handle going ‘off road’ walking across parks, grass and rocks. With plenty of room underneath for storing eveything I need to take with me. And of course no compromise of style, it is a gorgeous looking pram! I would highly reccomned this for anyone whose lifestyle involves walking (or if you intend to start once you have your baby), as it is just perfect for it, and you feel safe crossing the road (some prams  just seem to flimsy to me, and I would be terrified crossing the road with them). However it is a bit big, if you live in a city, and need to zip about the shops, as it is a larger pram, it is also not the best car pram, as it is still big folded. So if you are more a drive to the shops person, it may not be right for you.


Bugaboo (approx $AU 800- $AU 1500)

The famous Bugaboo! I had no idea what this was pre-baby, but it is a highly popular pram, particularity with Celebrities. For those who want a quality pram, but prefer the more modern look, this is one of the best. It is also more travel and shopping appropriate, if you drive a lot, and need to be able to get a pram in and out easily, this is the more ideal, quality pram. It is a very sleek design, and well made and durable. There are also heaps of accessories for the bugaboo, making it very customisable.


Silver Cross  (approx $AU 1250)

This is the pram, Kate Middleton has for George. A real classic with a modern touch. it is quite similar to the Emmaljunga, though a tad smaller, and daintier. I have not tested this pram, so I can’t say too much about it, but I know it is quite a popular high-end pram, and certainly good looking.


Balmoral (approx $AU 4000)

Now this is the ultimate in luxury prams. One of the most expensive on the market, and absolutely stunningly gorgeous!! It is also a very large pram, with dainty wheels. I would consider this more a fancy, strolling through Europe kind of pram. Perhaps not the most practical for the modern mum, but it would suit certain lifestyles, depending where you live. It is the classic vintage look, and really the ultimate stylish pram.


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April 20, 2014

happy easter



Happy Easter everyone! I made my Easter carrot cake!! I used a bundt tin, to make a pretty round carrot cake base (with the hole in the middle). I then decorated it with cream cheese frosting, and made marzipan carrots, filled the middle with chocolate eggs, and topped it off with a lindt bunny! mmm

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My plan this Easter, is to make a carrot cake. Easter usually tends to be a mega chocolate feast, but I thought for something different and fun, I would make a carrot cake. If it turns out well, I will share the results :) Above is a few cute carrot inspired ideas for  Easter food.

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April 13, 2014

autumn days





Such a lovely time of year, rolling the pram through scrunchy leaves, walks in the rain and collecting acorns. Orange is nicknamed ‘the colour city’ you can see why in Autumn!

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easter1Easter things are so pretty! Soft colours, fluffy bunnies, gorgeous florals, and of course chocolate! Here are a few pretty Easter finds :)

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