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We all have certain accessories we love and those that never quite work for us. I have never been a big jewelry wearer, I find it irritates my skin, and I easily get frustrated with it. But one accessory I do love, is hats. Since I was little I have enjoyed wearing hats, and often collect quite a few. I am looking forward to summer and wearing more wide brim hats, as winter tends to be more beanie weather.

Aloha Sunday

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Her new tribe

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For the love of mail- subscription boxes

If you have been reading my blog recently, you would have noticed I recently tried out Bellabox and Bellabox baby. I love getting parcels in the mail, and the idea of getting a box full of surprise goodies, seemed really appealing. Today however, I decided I had enough of trying little beauty products, I wanted to see what else is out there, I am a creature of variety! So I did a little searching to see what other box subscriptions are available. I havn’t signed up to anything, but I did make some cool discoveries, these are my fav (non-beauty box) finds;

These little boxes are designed for kids 3-8, each box has a theme with varies fun craft projects to make. I love this idea, kids would just love this so much!!

 LE PARCELperiod

There are a few ‘period’ boxes out there, but this one I thought was the best design, and nicest items. Its a lovely idea, getting a special parcel to make an otherwise unpleasant time of month better.


For all the health foodies, this box is a great way to sample all the latest health food products. And considering a lot of these products can be expensive, you can get to know which are worth the money and which you would rather not bother with. A nice wholesome box!



If you love snacking, but want to try eat more healthy, this is an awesome little box, as you get to sample a nice range of healthy snacks, and they can deliver as often as you want. Even get it delivered to your office! I love the look of their yummy fruit and nut mixes, mmm



For all the tea lovers, if you fancy trying new teas out regularly this is for you. Try out new flavours and make new favorites. This would make a nice gift too.



A fun box for kids and babies. Lots of very cute items for little ones!


Do you subscribe to any boxes? Any you think are worth it?

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against the grain- being creative

I was looking at something on instagram last night, someone was planning an event, they had taken a photo of a few items to be used… all on trend.. all ‘cool’ pinterest worthy items. It got me thinking, we all love following trends, having on trend things in our homes, in our work, in our events. Because the trend setters make these things look cool and appealing, everyone loves it, and its all too easy to gobble it up. But does it kill creativity? We all fall into the temptation or trap of following trends, sometimes because this is what sells, its a fail safe. We know it looks good. But is it us, is it unique, is it still creative. Sure we can take a creative twist on it, and there is nothing wrong with using trends. But as a designer, blogger and consumer, I think care must be taken not to let trends kill creativity.
When it comes to what you fill your home with… what has meaning to you, what will be timeless (unless you have bucket loads of cash, to keep re-decorating- p.s the odd small interchangeable trendy item doesn’t count ), what do you REALLY love.
I think when it comes to making decisions about design, buying, decorating and celebrating, there needs to be a care taken to examine things with greater meaning, rather than taking the easy route of following trends.
This is why designers use briefs, to get to the deeper meaning, of the message, the business the person, how to communicate who they are, what they do, and what they believe through style and design.
So next time, I feel tempted to buy or use something trendy, I need to ask myself, is it really me? What If I knew nothing about what was in style now, what would I use? Let the imagination and creative flow!

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playing in spring


Spring is here! I love seeing all the trees come into bloom, filling our town with pretty blossoms. And with the weather warming up, we can spend a little more time playing in the yard, and Henry can have fun while I hang out the washing :)

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Fathers Day snap


Just a little instax shot of my hubby’s first fathers day, from Sunday. Lovely family day, with a special ending. Usually I am the only one that can re-settle Henry at night, as he likes to be fed back to sleep, but fathers day night, he woke up while I was having a shower, so Dan went and got him, when I came out of the shower I discovered Henry fast asleep on Dans shoulder in the living room, he amazingly just fell back asleep in his fathers arms, such a special and rare moment, and he slept quite well back in his cot after that too.

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