Plum rollups


I just love post farmers market baking, lots of lovely fresh food to experiment with! This month I got a nice lot of plums, and put our dehydrator to good use to make some plum roll ups. A much healthier version then what you can buy at the shops too!





You will need:
10 plums
1-2tbs sweetener of choice (I used maple sugar, but coconut
sugar or stevia would work too)
A dehydrator

To make:
-Cut plums in half and bake on 180 until soft.
-Blend plums in food processor to make into a puree and
add sweetener
-Spread onto sheets in the dehydrator. I put down sheets of
baking paper, but not all dehydrators require this.
-Dehydrate on 70 until they are totally dry and no longer sticky.
-Peel off and cut into strips


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making seed bombs


Ever heard of seed bombs? A fun way to do some gardening and get kids to learn about growing plants. Seed bombs can be made with paper, clay or soil. They are originally made to make it easier to plant seeds in hard to get to places or for seeds that may easily blow away when planted. But they are also a lot of fun, especially for kids.


I recently made a batch of paper seed bombs with basil seeds, for something rather special coming up.. hint, it has something to do with Herbert Peabody.
It is much like making paper (if you ever tried that as a child, except you make it into a mould rather than flat and you throw in seeds.




They are fun to make as a project or make a lovely gift for a garden lover. Stay tuned.. more to come about these little seed bombs very soon!


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the worries of a small business


As a small business owner, there are constant niggly worries, that makes us second guess what we are doing. I am currently working on a new business venture, and as I am getting close to preparing to launch it, those old business questions that I have had over time with my freelance business and previous etsy business have come back to haunt me..

1. Will they like it, is it good enough?
Will people actually like what I am selling, will the product be enjoyed and loved. Will people feel as excited as I do about what I am doing, And will they like it enough for repeat custom. It’s like that old feeling I get every time I send concepts off to a client.. ‘will they like it?’ or will they think it’s rubbish!

2. Will I actually sell anything?

Starting something new, is a bit of a leap of faith in many ways. You can do all your research, but until you put it out there, you don’t know if anyone will actually buy it. And when you put time and money into starting up, there is a slight fear… has it been worth it.. will this work out.

3. What is a mistake occurs or someone doesn’t pay? How do I recover financially?
It’s life.. things go wrong. I have experienced this with freelancing, there have been times I have poured time and energy into something and either the job is just left part way through or I simply am never paid after completion. How do I recover? It happens in all businesses big and small, you have to be mentally ready to deal with times when things go wrong and you make a loss.
This new venture involves selling products, so the potentially risks are making a bad batch and losing on materials, or items not making it through the post and having to re-send or refund.

4. Are my prices right?
The never ending balance for all businesses. One of the biggest questions most new business owners ask. You don’t want to over charge and lose out on sales, or undercharge and look cheap or under sell yourself. It’s all about balance and a bit of maths! But no matter how much maths is involved, there is always second guessing.

5. Is it long term viable?
Will it outlive the launch hype? Can I keep it up, and will the interest continue beyond the initial excitement. Is it something that will be relevant long term or just a fad.

Do you run or are planning a business? What are your worries and concerns?

Want a sneak peak of what I am planning? See the instagram account I set up.

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perfect Autumn drink- hot apple juice


Autumn is apple season! And the area I live in is a predominately apple producing region, so it’s all about apples here at the moment. On Saturday morning we headed down to the farmers market, which was packed after the night before F.O.O.D week night market (our town is full of foodies this week). Dan was keen to get a fresh local apple juice, and we found a little stall selling both cold and hot apple juice. Being Autumn, and a little cooler, I decided to try the hot apple juice.. it was AMAZING! The perfect warming drink. Considering they say an apple will wake you more than caffine in the morning, this may just be the ideal way to kick start your day on a cold Autumn morning.
The sign said ‘Hot apple juice with ginger, lemon and Cinnamon’. Now that I own a juicer, I knew I had to try replicate it! So I bought some local apples (managed to snag some Bonza apples!! My fav- but rarely seen in the shops), ginger and lemon.

So I tried making my own and it worked so well, I have to share!

makes 3-4 drinks

You will need:
900ml apple juice (depending on size of apples and juicing process,
it may vary how many apples you need.)
1 lemon
1 inch ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon

To make:

Juice apples and ginger. Then squeeze the juice of one lemon and add
to apple juice. Add cinnamon and stir in.
If you want to keep some for later, store spare in fridge, and pour
what you want to drink now into a saucepan,].
Heat on medium till it is almost about to boil (as bubbles are just
starting to form) then pour in mug/s and enjoy!!

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simple homes- beautiful inspiration














Click images for links to sources. Some very beautiful, inspiring images, for keeping homes simple, beautiful, clean and natural.

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