DIY rustic polymer clay pots


I bought these cute little indoor plants for my office, but I wasn’t so keen on the pots they came in. I had some polymer clay in the cupboard I had bought for doing some DIY, as I was keen to give clay a go. So it seemed the perfect material to make my own little pots. I love the handmade ‘imperfect’ ceramic look, so I decided to go for a rustic handmade pot look, which means no fussing over them being perfect, but embrace the imperfection.


So to make them:
I used 3 packets of polymer clay (60g each)

-First I conditioned the clay (this was hard work in cold weather)
bascially you just knead the clay till it is soft enough for molding.

-Then I rolled it out to the thickness I wanted, and used a cookie
cutter to make the pot base.

-Then rolled out the other part long, and used a butter knife to cut
straight at the top and bottom

-I then cut the ends on an angle so the pot would taper up.

-I then carefully attached it to the pot base, and with my fingers
softly molded the two parts together to join well.

-Once I was happy with it, I popped it in the oven (as per instructions
on the packet)

* Note for the second pot, I added some beige Mica to some of the clay
to create a bronze colour and then put little bits into the main clay,
so as I rolled it out in created a marble effect.

-Once they were baked and cooled down, I re-potted the little
plants into them.


And below is my full office plant collection, including succulent cuttings in concrete pots from Concrete D on etsy, the new polymer clay potted Fittonia plants and my basil seedlings in a simple kmart pot.


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What skincare products do you use?



Not sure if anyone really reads my blog much anymore, or if you all just like to read and not comment much anymore, but their is a slight ‘blogging is dying’ feeling, as it seems less people are engaging in blogs, and everyone is on instagram instead! Maybe it’s just easier using a mobile app than the web. Or perhaps it’s simply that I don’t have time to give my blog the attention I used to give it.
But if anyone is reading this still, I would love to hear your thoughts…

What skincare products do you use regularly, and what type of new products would you love to see in my Nourish and Nurture range? I love developing new products, and would love to know what things my customers and fans would be most keen to see??

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beauty of nature





I found a mushroom growing near my mailbox the other day, and it got me inspired to take some shots of natural finds with the macro lens. Enjoy xx

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29 today and the bump


For my of my 20’s it has been a tradition to take a photo of myself on my birthday. A kind of memory keeping, to see how I look on the same day (my birthday) each year as I get older. I might post them all in one post for my 30th, to show how I have changed over the past decade. And also how my style and fashion taste has changed.
So this is my 29th birthday pic. I spotted this sweet little bunch of flowers for just $5 when I was out for morning tea, and couldn’t resist. This year is also a special one, as I am pregnant again!


So the first bump shot, at 12 weeks 5 days. This was taken after lunch, so their is probably a bit of bloat, not just baby, hehe. But feeling good that I am fitting in a size 8 dress at the end of the first trimester :)


Henry loves it when I get the camera timing going, he runs back and forth with me, and often poses too. Except when I went to take this shot, the bin men drove past and he got distracted and had to peak out the window to watch the bin men. (He loves trucks!)

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29… final year of my 20’s + announcement

Today I turn 29! Happy Birthday to me! The start of my final year of my 20’s!! ( What a big decade it’s been, full of life changes, from study, to work, to starting a business, moving houses, getting married and having a baby) I have a feeling it’s going to be an exciting year of my life because…


We are expecting baby number 2!!! Due late December (between Christmas and new Year!) Little one is doing well and growing happily, and we are excited to be growing our family and Henry getting a little play mate.

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