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Over the Easter weekend, I made a little announcement on facebook, and I thought I would share it here too for my lovely blog followers. Being the Easter weekend, and Easter being all about new life. It seemed the perfect time announce we are expecting a little new life of our own in early October. It’s a very exciting time.

The last few months, I have had some rough days feeling pretty sick and tired, making keeping on top of emails and work hard! So I appreciate all my clients being patient. It’s been hard not to say anything till now.

I will try share some of the journey on my blog, without boring you all to much with baby stuff, hehe.

(p.s for those in the northern hemisphere, where it is still the 1st April, it’s the 2nd April where I live, so no foolin’, it’s the real thing!)

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My husband and I just found out we’re pregnant after 8 months of trying. We’re looking to announce on FB. I was wondering if I could use your photo to do it? (I wouldn’t want to take it without permission…!)

wow. congratulations. ;-) Wishing you a smooth pregnancy! All the best

Congratulations!!! Wishing you and your little one all the very very best =)


Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations!!!

Congratulations Tabitha!!

Many congratulations to you and the Mister!

congratulations! wishing you all the best in your journey to being a mom.


Oooh so exciting! Congratulations love. I’m very happy for you! xo

Congratulations! That is wonderful news~

Congratulations Tabitha! What wonderful, exciting news! So happy for you!

Awh, congratulations!

Congratulations! I’m sure you will make a wonderful mother! I can already imagine the tea parties and fluffy rabbits! :)

Ooh, exciting! I was sooo sick with my first pregnancy but hopefully you’ll get through it very soon. Hang in there :)

Congratulations! What a beautiful new journey you are about to have : )

Congratulations, Tabitha – so happy for you and your family!

Lyndal Iddles

Congratulations Tabitha! That is wonderful news xx

congratulations Tabitha! How exciting for you both! x

Oh my goodness – how exciting! I’m so happy for you both – congratulations!
Take care! xxox

Congratulations! Very exciting news, and I’m sure you’ve been bursting to tell people!
You will make a beautiful mother :) xx

Tabitha! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you!!!!!! I wish you all the best!!!!! Xox

Congratulations Tabitha! Very exciting!! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy, it’s all worth it in the end x

no way!!! wwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh too exciting! congratulations dan and tabi!!! xoxoxoxoxooox

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