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bunny brooch

Very excited to share my new bunny in a tea cup brooches.
For more details visit my shop!

September 21, 2010   5 Comments

tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again


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have a lovely, adventurous weekend x

September 17, 2010   4 Comments

September 15, 2010

pretty twitter


You may think I’m mad, but I have recently felt inspired by some peoples avatars on twitter. For such a small image, some people use it to great advantage and create something quite beautiful, perhaps it is because I mostly follow arty/ designer types.

The above image is just a few examples of rather lovely avatars, I wish I had time to link who they all are, but that would take forever, so if you want to find any of these people, you can look at my twitter follow list, and you will find them, amongst many other wonderful, talented, people.

The top line of avatars are typographical, followed by graphical, illustrative and photographic.

September 15, 2010   8 Comments

Spotted this gorgeous little handmade guide to Melbourne on Sarah’s Loft. A little project she has been working on, its sooo pretty! I wish I had time to make things like this.

September 15, 2010   1 Comment

September 14, 2010




It’s my brother’s 21st birthday today, so I made him a nice tall chocolatey cake :)

September 14, 2010   9 Comments